June 9, 2021


Product Strategy Ops? The evolving role of DesignOps

“Product Strategy Ops? The evolving role of DesignOps”

Daphne’s accent might confuse you, she’s a dual American / Australian citizen who recently returned from New York City where she was heading up one of Capital One Bank’s Design Operations teams. Daphne worked alongside Adaptive Path’ers (A world-renowned UX Design Consultancy) following their acquisition by Capital One Bank back in 2014, and learned from the likes of DesignOps gurus Kristin Skinner and Alana Washington, to name a few. She successfully embedded the DesignOps function across a design team of 70 designers and led their Design Operations community of practice supporting a design org of over 500 designers across the United States.

Before Capital One, Daphne kicked off her career in Design Operations here in Sydney at Westpac Bank, implementing Design program management in a large Agile release train and their GEL Design systems team. Daphne recently returned to Sydney joining Afterpay as their first and only Design Operations hire… for now!.

Daphne Bourne from Afterpay

Headshot photo of Daphne Bourne


Design Operations Lead