DesignOps Essentials Workshop

Dave Malouf (co-author of the goddamn DesignOps Handbook) is flying in all the way from New York City to give a rare, intimate, full day workshop for his biggest fans at DesignOps Melbourne.

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DesignOps Consultant

Co-author of The DesignOps Handbook

Dave is a writer, teacher, and facilitator helping to teach designers how to build strategic, visionary, empathetic, and creative organizations.

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$325 for the full day.

(Only 40 spots available)


REA Group
511 Church St,
Richmond VIC 3121


23rd January 2019
9:00am – 5:00pm

Prewritten email template to send to your boss/manager

Yo, dawg.

Remember how you're always talking about investing in our design and development teams at this company/agency? Well, we've been doing alot of dope producing, and now we gotta let you know what time it is.

You know that "DesignOps Handbook" that I sent to you 6 months ago that you definitely read and told me how much you're on board with? Cool, so one of the guys who helped write it is flying into Melbourne especially to give a full day workshop on DesignOps and teach us how to actually implement all the great ideas in that book.

It's only $325 for an entire day and there's only 40 spots available, so if you want me and anyone else interested to go, we need to buy tickets ASAP.

I also know how you love the Wu-Tang Clan as much as me, so what I guess what I'm saying is: cash rules everything around me, C.R.E.A.M, get the money - dolla dolla bill, y'all.

Thanks, homie <3

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The Workshop

Historically, design practices have focused on process, methods, and craft. But this limits design’s potential—design leaders can provide more value to their organizations by implementing robust DesignOps.

Who this is for?

If you are in the early stages of implementing design operations practice in your organizations, this workshop will teach you both a broad and flexible definition of design operations as well as tangible activities for how to start.

What you’ll learn

How to create a plan and execute DesignOps for managing teams — from recruitment through promotion and even off-boarding

How to develop assessment criteria to evaluate and select current software for supporting design operations

How to develop methods for optimizing workflows

How to integrate DesignOps roles and responsibilities into the wider design organization.

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Section 1: What is Design Operations and Why Now?

  • Framing Design Operations as a support structure for Design Practice
  • Forces that are pushing DesignOps to gain attention now
  • The Three Lenses of Design Operations

Section 2: Getting to Your Design Value Proposition

  • How Design adds value to an organization
  • How you want to be valued by the rest of your organization
  • Understanding how your organization currently values your design contributions

Section 3: Finding Your Design Operations Breakdowns

  • Introduction to the DesignOps Canvas
  • Using the DesignOps Canvas to evaluate your current operations

Section 4: Building a New Vision for Your Design Operations

  • Using the DesignOps Canvas to imagine a new Design Operations practice
  • Using a Service Blueprint to push the details of that practice forward

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More about Dave

Dave Malouf is passionate about how technology can help people connect to each other and help them achieve their personal and organizational goals. As a veteran design leader, strategist, facilitator, researcher, and educator he has worked with some of the largest and fastest growing organizations globally.

He is taking that experience and passion and helping organizations amplify the value they get from their investment in design. Dave is a writer, teacher, and facilitator sought after around the globe for speaking and workshop engagements helping to teach designers how to build strategic, visionary, empathetic, and creative organizations.

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