An unscripted variety show influenced by old-school hip hop and The Matrix, which sometimes features uncensored, practical talks from some of the best designers, developers and managers in town.

Wide angle shot of the DesignOps meetup stage and crowd

The first Wednesday of every other month.

Turtlenecks encouraged.


Free thinking individuals for the most dangerous design meetup in Melbourne. Low corporate appeal, razor sharp bleeding edge, long periods of complete uncertainty. Safe return to prior design workflows doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of success.

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Ch'an and Adam standing on stage Ch'an and Adam — Trying to ignore Jeff Goldblum until he agrees to take his shirt off again.
Rachael and Tiff smiling at the camera Rachael and Tiff — Having their photo taken by Ch'an, on the condition that he promises to watch the DVD of "The Lake House" that Tiff brought in from home for him to borrow.
Milly and Adam having a fireside chat on stage, with a video of Keanu Reeves in the background Milly and Adam — 147 minutes into their fireside chat on the filmography of Keanu Reeves.
Alex reacting comically with his head on his head, next to Scott and Adam Alex — Reacting to Scott's news that he's switched from Figma back to Photoshop CS3.
Katia and Kaylee looking super happy Katia and Kaylee — Pretending that Andy Brown is on stage talking about bananas.
Ritchie laughing while Kevin is standing next to him looking pleased Kevin — Explaining how he just threw Ritchie's food in the bin for fun while he wasn't looking.
Eating with a mouth full of bao Jae — Trying to act cool after just being told by Alex that his bao is laced with industrial grade laxatives.
Ch'an and Adam standing with cardboard cutouts of Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum Ch'an — Giving Bill Pullman's presidential speech to kick off the Independence Day Edition of DesignOps.
Adam rapping California Love by Tupac live on stage Adam — Out on bail, fresh outta jail, California dreaming.
Meetup members attending the DesignOps meetup, sitting in chairs The crowd accepting their fate of sitting through the rest of the meetup, after discovering that the windows don't open.
Will talking to Anthony Will explaining to Anthony how he can tell the difference between butter and "I can't believe it's not butter".
Scott and Marty on stage using the laptop Scott stalling for time while he clears the browser history before their talk begins.
Meetup members attending the DesignOps meetup, standing around Everyone waiting around before the event, pretending they know what DesignOps is.
Meetup members attending the DesignOps meetup at Double Happiness bar, sitting down and looking at the camera Extremely excited after just finding out that the venue has an old version of Monopoly out the back, so they can finally relieve themselves of boredom.
Ch'an and Adam hosting the event on stage Pretending we're filming a major motion picture crossover of Straight Outta Compton and Pulp Fiction.
Tim Kostiakos speaking on stage in front of an audience Tim K — talking about how much he hates Jacob Nielson from Nielsen Norman Group.
Group of members sitting down and looking at the camera while giving the 'peace' sign Flipping us off and being sad on opposite day.
Speakers from Australia Post presenting on stage Lexi and Sarah — getting to the bottom of who stole the Mount Franklin water bottles that were reserved for speakers.
Ch'an, Scott and Marty laughing diablolically together Ch'an, Scott and Marty — Reaching their conclusion after a 3 second discussion about the benefits of using Photoshop to design websites.
Ch'an drinking beer up on stage Ch'an interrogating the free gluten free beer from Omission Brewing Co. on stage.
Ch'an and Leighton pose while wearing turtlenecks Ch'an and Leighton — Warming up in front of the open fire place after the first annual DesignOps wet T-shirt contest.
Athalia eating bao Athalia — Apologising repeatedly to her friends for dragging them along to this meetup.
Close up photo of bao from Wonderbao Wonderbao — The non-pizza hero this meetup needs, but not the one it deserves.
Ch'an wearing his pink InVision socks Ch'an — Explaining how he got his InVision socks before getting InVision Studio BETA access.
Chris up on stage Chris — Probably talking about Star Wars, during his Lando Calrissian-esque masterclass on going rogue.
Table full of InVision stickers and merch InVision stickers — they're pretty okay.
Photo of the guy from InVision Basile (InVision guy) — very pleased to have somebody willing to listen to his poetry.
Figma socks and sticker The 1 pair of Figma socks our memebers will take turns sharing each week.
Cardboard cutout of Will Smith standing next to a TV with an image of Will Smith Will Smith with Will Smith.
Meetup members eating Wonderbao Continuing to eat Wonderbao, despite being informed that one bao has been poisoned.
John and Mel speaking on-stage John and Mel — Giving a talk about August in May.
Ch'an, Adam and Annemarie doing a Steve Jobs pose while wearing turtlenecks Ch'an, Annemarie and Adam — 66.66% dead inside.
Members of the DesignOps meetup laughing in their seats The audience collectively remembering a funny joke they heard last week.
Meetup members attending the DesignOps meetup at Double Happiness bar, sitting down and talking Everyone finally getting a chance to talk to each other and share their personal stories of how they were each lied to and tricked into coming to the meetup.
Tim Kostiakos speaking on stage in front of an audience Tim K — still talking about how much he hates Jacob Nielson from Nielsen Norman Group.
Close-up photo of the crowd watching the stage Our audience calculating if they could still make it in time to see the latest Denzel Washington movie if they leave right now.
Adam and some members standing around an open fireplace, talking and drinking Adam — 57 minutes into his answer to the first question of the night.
Photo of Aaron making a funny face up-close Aaron — attempting to seduce our French photographer in order to get his photo on our dumb website.
Very low light photo taken at Double Happiness bar The only salvageable photo from 7 UX designers taking turns trying to operate a digital camera in low light.
Members of the DesignOps meetup playing table tennis Getting a feel for what table tennis would be like if there was a ball.
Members talking in the Culture Amp kitchen during the DesignOps meetup Waiting around for the empty promises of food to be fulfilled.
Ch'an, Adam and Shuying doing a Steve Jobs pose while wearing turtlenecks Shuying — Posing for this photo so that Adam and Ch'an will finally release her pet cat, "Mittens", which they abducted and held hostage until the ransom of wearing a turtleneck to the meetup was paid.
Kevin from CultureAmp holding a cubed plush microphone Kevin — ultra keen to throw that microphone cube at someone.